We would welcome the following:

  • Chocolate Spread, Jam
  • Meat-balls, Hot-dogs, Tinned Stewing Steak, Corned Beef
  • Tinned Sweetcorn, Tinned Peas / Carrots
  • Baked Beans, Spaghetti Hoops, Pasta Sauces, No Soups thanks
  • Pasta, Microwave easy-cook rice
  • Tinned Fruit, Tinned Custard, Rice Pudding
  • Tea, Coffee, Fruit Drinks
  • Biscuits and Treats
  • Laundry and hygiene products for men, women and teens
  • Baby shampoo, bath lotion, talc, wet-wipes
  • Vouchers from Tom Pugh Butchers, Carini Butchers, The Salty Dog, Deli Tinto, Rhos Market Garden

Drop-off points: Knighton Co-op and Presteigne Spar shop.

For more information contact Helen on 07731 524 058.

UPDATE – Presteigne Outreach Service

The Foodbank Outreach Service in Presteigne Youth Centre, finished as of Monday 18th December 2023.

We are very grateful to the Youth Centre for giving us the opportunity to have a ‘Pop-up’ foodbank on a Monday morning over the last six months, but we really do need more storage space than our cupboard and sole access for receiving donations, or making up emergency parcels.

We are fully committed to providing a service to East Radnor and as of January 2024 we will deliver crisis food, toiletries and baby basics, to the community of Presteigne and surrounding villages, on a Tuesday or Friday, from our Knighton foodbank base.

For more information contact Helen on 07731 524 058.


Supporting us

You can support us by making regular donations to the foodbank. See the information and Standing Order form on our Support Us page.


Helping those in need

If you would like to volunteer to help us at Knighton & Presteigne Foodbank, or you’d like to make a donation of either food or cash, please contact Helen for more information.


See the list on the right for Help, Guidance and Referral Agencies.

To contact Helen call 07731 524 058